Content creation

We specialize in creating folders and brochures, animated commercials and interactive websites and applications for information and advertisement purposes. We offer a wide range of services related to multimedia, starting from printed materials, through graphics and animations, to sound and music. We also assist in preparing advertisement and information texts.

Examples of advertising content created by us:

We designed and prepared for printing an information folder for the Vadiato system. The purpose of this folder is to convey in an easy to understand way the information about the capabilities of this system and the benefits of its implementation. The folder consists of 16 pages in B5 format. Its graphical layout corresponds to the newest trends, by combining elegant and clear design with clarity of message.

We created an animated commercial for the Vadiato system which was published on its website. The purpose of the animation is to illustrate the problems of the target group in a clear way, and to demonstrate how the implementation of Vadiato can help solve them. The animation is 50 seconds long, we also created background music for it.