Custom software development

We create custom software for a wide range of business areas. We offer comprehensive services related to building custom software, from analysis and consulting, through development and implementation, to maintenance and technical support. We combine proven solutions and project management processes with an open-minded and modern approach, in which the user is always in the first place.

In Bulletcode we pay close attention to every detail. We realize that creating good software starts with the user interface and user experience design. User satisfaction is the key to success in software development. Because of that we focus on creating a clear and aesthetic visual design of the software. We also design the structure and flow in the most logical way that guarantees usability and accessibility.

Another strong point of Bulletcode is the technologies that we use. We specialize in creating web and cloud based systems that target multiple platforms, including mobile and embedded devices. Our team has deep expertise in a large area of modern technologies which range from the .NET framework to open-source technologies, such as Qt and PHP. We know how to take advantage of each technology to create reliable and efficient solutions.

Examples of custom software and technologies created by us:

For the Vadiato system we have developed our own technology based on .NET framework and C++ for handling videoconferences that ensures high quality of picture and sound. Our technology also allows for remote control, screen sharing, remote printing and scanning. Simple, ready to install hardware modules maximize the reliability of the system. The architecture that combines the advantages of the cloud computing model with direct peer-to-peer connections ensures high efficiency, flexibility and security.

The client application for the Timetable system was created using the open-source Qt framework. Because of this it’s possible to run the application not only on any PC computer with Windows, but also on inexpensive and reliable Raspberry Pi devices which use Linux. This helped reduce not only the cost of the software, but also the cost of the hardware required to operate the system.

We created a prototype of an application for 3D glasses that assists in order picking in a warehouse. The application was written for Android and it’s compatible with 3D glasses based on that system. It displays the next order to pick and verifies the order by scanning barcodes attached to each location in the warehouse, helping to shorten the time of order picking and reduce the chance of a mistake.