Online game created for those who enjoy playing jigsaw puzzle with their friends or family. It’s compatible with all modern web browsers, it also supports mobile devices.

The Frienzzle game takes advantage of the full graphics capabilities of modern web browsers. It has also been adopted for comfortable use on mobile devices, for example tablets with Android and iOS systems.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the game makes it possible to play jigsaw puzzles in real time by up to five players located anywhere in the world. Players can see one another’s moves and can talk using an integrated chat.

The Frienzzle game is an excellent example of combining modern information technology with multimedia content, which is what the Bulletcode company specializes in. Interactive application which make it possible to collaborate and communicate in real time and currently becoming increasingly important, and using visually attractive media is necessary for building a modern company image.

The game is available on the website.