Open-source software customization

We extend, customize and deploy open-source software for business. The implementation of open-source software in business is not only a simple way to reduce costs. It’s also access to solutions proven across the world. Our team has many years of experience in developing, extending and customizing various open-source software for individual needs.

Open-source software has become common standard in many business areas, such as: e-commerce, project and team management, or publishing information. In Bulletcode we realize the importance of using open-source software. Our web applications are based on the proven and efficient Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack. We have experience in extending and customizing such software as WordPress, Magento and WebIssues. Many of our client applications also use open-source technologies, such as the Qt toolkit or Android.

Examples of our projects based on open-source technologies:

We created an application based on Magento for purchasing and managing user subscriptions for a mobile application in medical industry. As part of the customization, we developed and entire custom management module integrated with Magento.

We customized the WebIssues issue tracking software for handling a help-desk service for local government organizations and offices in Poland. WebIssues was extended with add-ons that automate many tasks, calculate the SLA dates for support tickets and extend the capabilities of WebIssues in handling incoming and outgoing emails.