Timetable is a system for managing and displaying arrivals and departures of buses and other means of transportation. The information can be displayed in different locations and easily managed from a single place. Your passengers will never miss a bus with this innovative software.

Timetable was created for Aura Travel Center, a company with many years of experience in selling tickets for international bus lines. Aura has offices in six major cities in Poland, including the central bus station in Warsaw. In each bus station it’s necessary to display a detailed schedule of bus arrivals and departures in the given location. Bulletcode replaced the legacy timetable software, that was difficult to use and unreliable, with a completely rewritten system.

The Timetable system consists of a web application for managing the information about arrivals and departures and a client application which displays the timetable in real-time on large TV screens. Thanks to the use of open-source technologies, it’s possible to run the Timetable client not only on any PC computer with Windows, but also on inexpensive and reliable Raspberry Pi devices. This helped reduce not only the cost of the software, but also the cost of the hardware required to operate the system.

Timetable has been working for almost two years without a single day of downtime and minimal cost of maintenance. Thousands of people use it every day to check their bus arrival or departure time.

” The Timetable system works reliably and is easy to use. We are very satisfied with it. “