Innovative system that will help your customers immediately reach the information they need. It consists of kiosks situated in different locations and a consulting center, which provides remote support for customers. The possibility of a videoconference with a consultant will make answering all the questions much easier.

The Vadiato system created by Bulletcode is dedicated for interactive information kiosks. Customers may find information they are interested in using a catalog of products or offers. Vadiato allows customers to freely view instructional or advertising movies about selected products. It also makes it possible to take a printout with necessary information or offers.

Information points make it possible to have a comfortable conversation with a consultant who can answer customer’s questions and give practical advices and directions. The consultant may present any movies and graphical information and remotely share his screen with the customer. He also may control the kiosk’s screen to help the customer find needed information.

The Vadiato system consists of an application which runs on the information kiosks and an application for consultants. For the Vadiato system we designed our own technology for videoconference, which provides high quality of image and sound. Our technology also allows for remote control, screen sharing, remote printing and scanning. Simple, ready to install hardware modules maximize the reliability of the system. The architecture that combines the advantages of the cloud computing model with direct peer-to-peer connections ensures high efficiency, flexibility and security.

Along with the Vadiato system, we provide comprehensive services, starting from analysis and consulting, through the adaptation of the system to your individual needs in visual, functional and technical aspects, and ending on creating a dedicated information application. We provide integration of Vadiato with other information systems and full implementation, maintenance and technical support of the system.

Kiosks with Vadiato system are currently being installed in bus stations in a few major cities in Poland. For this implementation, we designed and created an application which makes it possible to easily find information about bus routes in local and international communication. Thanks to the remote assistance of a consultant, customers can order tickets and get additional information about the presented offer.

More information about Vadiato system can be found on the website.