Bulletcode is a group of freelancers specializing
in creating websites and web applications.

About Us

Michał Męciński

Creator of open source projects and indie games, author of technical articles. Likes to learn new technologies and to challenge himself. Believes that a computer is the best extension of the human mind.

Igor Paszewski

Passionate about programming and new technologies.  Has extensive knowledge of building all kinds of applications and services, confirmed by many certificates.  Privately an animal and travel lover.

Łukasz Grabowski
QA Engineer

Bug finder with a set of technical and creative skills. A supporter of simplicity and effective solutions. Always a fan of everything that has an engine or processor. Programming and vector graphics hobbyist.



For the Aura Travel Center we created a new portal for selling bus tickets online. The backend using Node.js technology aggregates search results from different carrier APIs, and the frontend is a combination of an SPA application using Vue.js with a classic blog powered by WordPress.


The website of the Aura Travel Center was made using WordPress, and it’s based entirely on plugins written by us, and a custom template based on our design. This ensures maximum efficiency and security of the website.

Queen Isabell

We created the online shop for the Queen Isabell porcelain wholesaler using the Magento technology. In addition to customizing the graphic layout to the customer’s requirements, we created dedicated plugins for quick mass import of products with pictures.

#144 Pizza

For the Warsaw pizzeria “#144 Pizza”, we created a modern and clear website presenting the price list, photo gallery and contact details. This website was made using WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin. Responsive graphic design supports mobile devices.

Wieczorek Stomatologia

The website of the Wieczorek Stomatologia dentist office is a typical example of a simple business card built using WordPress. It proves that a modern wesite doesn’t have to be complex or expensive in order to serve its purpose.


In the Frienzzle online game multiple players can solve jigsaw puzzles together in real time. It’s an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of a Node.js server combined with the WebSocket technology.